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Most of you have heard the story many times before....but.... here it goes again :) I first laid eyes on Jordan during my clinical phase of PA school. I was just a student on my surgery rotation when this tall, dark, and handsome young man walked into Room 1 with his mother for a preop consultation. We made eye contact a few times. I was thinking in my head.. "man this guy is FINE" lol!! We had a breif conversation towards the end of the visit making small talk about school, work, ect. I didn't think anything else of this meeting. One week later, I was in the OR helping hold retractors for the surgeron as we perfomed the surgery on my future mother-in-law (crazy)! The next day we were making our rounds checking on patients when we came to Barb's room. While we were checking her drains she randomly asked me for my phone number because she thought I would make a great match for her son. I instantly turned bright red because this converstation happened directly infront of my preceptor!! How embarrasing as a student.. running through my mind were thoughts like "is this a HIPPA violation?" "Is this unprofessional?" "Man I will for sure fail this roation now!" Despite all the negative thinking I quickly gave her my number and briskly walked out of the room. 3 VERY long days later Jordan asked me out on a date. Our first date was actually on his 20th birthday! (Yes I am robbing the craddle LOL)  And we have been together every since that day :)