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We are Xennials, after all, so we have decided to save trees and green by going electronic!

**Please note: This is your invitation. Use the tabs (Mobile device: dropdown menu at the top, PC/Mac: tabs to the left) to navigate to ceremony details, registry, and RSVP. RSVP date: February 28, 2018**


Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for joining in our excitement as we prepare to say "I do" and begin our lives together. We are so blessed to be surrounded by love and support from so many dear ones.

Many of our loved ones have asked us what we need and have asked us to create a registry. As two established individuals in our thirties, each with our own households, we truly do not need "stuff". We have therefore elected for our honeymoon to be the focus of any gifts you may wish to share with us. It will be so special as we are sailing the Western Caribbean to know the drinks we are sipping by the pool were given to us from Aunt Kathy, or the ziplining in Jamaica from Mom and Dad, or our delicious local meal in Cozumel from our best friends.

We hope you enjoy looking through our wedding website and find the registry section at the top of the page easy to navigate. We are so grateful for each and every one of you and the impact you have had in our lives.


With love,

Lauren and Edwin