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In November we went away to Portland, Maine for a short weekend getaway just the two of us. We had been together for six years and it had been a running joke between close family and friends exactly when Patrick was going to pop the question. Ali's friends had said, "This is it! He's going to do it this weekend!" But Ali laughed it off and thought absolutely not. Patrick had even told her ahead of time, "Don't expect me to propose during this trip. I don't want you to get your hopes up." So it was already out of her mind. We had brunch before we left for Maine then we drove there. Once we got there, we checked into the hotel, got settled and relaxed for a bit then we got ready to go out for dinner. For November, it was really cold at the time and Patrick had suggested we take a walk. Ali said, "Absolutely not. I'm freezing and hungry let's grab something to eat." Patrick being Patrick started to laugh and he didn't know where he wanted to eat, so we kept walking until we decided to turn around and go back to a restaurant that we had wanted to try when we had been to Maine a few years prior. We finished dinner, then he said, "Do you want to go to DiMillo's and grab a drink?" DiMillo's is a restaurant that is actually on a big floating boat. We had been there the last time we had been to Maine and had a really good time. It was a fairly short walk so we decided to go. When we reach the dock, Patrick stops and looks at Ali. He looks her in the eye and gets down on one knee. What he says is a complete blur because Ali is in complete disbelief that this is actually happening because Patrick said that he wouldn't do this! He asks Ali to marry him and tears start to flow and here we are now. Celebratory drinks at our little spot to toast to our future together - Portland will always be our special place.