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It all began with one of our many passions: Playing Tennis. A rocky start, blossomed beautiful relationship.  Through the listening of each others heart we were able to build upon our lives with one another.  Overcoming stereotypes, naysayers, drama and chatter, Ray and I are here 20 years later for our wonderful celebration of our relationship with one another with our at March 19, 2016.  From experiences of life we instilled within our relationship  philosphies learned, expressions of love from family and friends, the presence of God always in our lives and angels watching over us.  This enabled us to build a strong foundation of love, trust, confidence, compassion and strength with one another.  We have always had an amazing support from family, friends and the community.  We are always indebted and thankful for everyone around us. 

We always keep things simple and positive!

We treat each other like each other is a lucky star!

We never go to sleep mad at one another for life is to short to live with regret!

Thank you all for joining us in celebrating this special day!

To all....Namaste!

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