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Gretchen Hackney
Gretchen Ruhl and Toni Hackney's Honeymoon Registry

Gretchen Ruhl and Toni Hackney's Honeymoon Registry

Paul Gauguin Cruises - Tahiti & Society Islands - 7 Night Cruise

Thank you for celebrating with us! Your love and support are all we need.
However, if you would like to give a gift below are some items that we would enjoy.


Bora Bora - Lagoon Excursion with Maohi Nui

Lagoon Excursion with Maohi Nui DURATION: 3 HOURS - $100 per person Circumnavigate beautiful Bora Bora on a private island tour complete with ukulele music and expert commentary on local culture, history, and nature. Board a traditional outrigger canoe with padded seats and flower-and-leaf decoration for protection from the sun, and set out for thefirst of three stops you’ll enjoy along the way. First stop is a coral garden, where you can snorkel amid colorful fish, corals, and other inhabitants ofthis wonderful ecosystem, in the company of an expert guide. On the second stop, visit stingrays that inhabit the shallow waters. Our approach is gentle and respectful of these fascinating creatures, which have been tamed for more than 20 years. Continue to the ocean side of the island, for snorkeling and observation of Lemon Sharks in their natural habitat. Measuring three to five feet in length, the sharks are harmless to humans.

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Bora Bora - Stingray Ballet and Snorkel Safari

Bora Bora - Stingray Ballet and Snorkel Safari - $100 per person On our romantic escape, we will discover the beauty of an underwater paradise with the Stingray Ballet and Snorkel Safari! We will board a covered boat and cruise by the ancient crater rim of Motu Toopua and pass by Motu Tapu where we will come across elegant stingrays. While watching our guide hand feeding them, we will get the opportunity to get close enough to touch them. Next, we will snorkel among an abundance of tropical fish and colorful coral gardens to end our perfect day!

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Capture Moorea - Photo Adventure

Capture Moorea - Photo Adventure DURATION: 4 HOURS - $100/per person If you love photography, then don't miss this unique and exclusive half-day guided photo tour of Moorea with accomplished professional photographer Renaud Fayada. Depart the pier aboard a private, off-road vehicle, accompanied by Renaud, who will offer photographic tips and interesting information about the island throughout the tour. Begin with a drive to the interior of the island, along large pineapple fields and past sub-tropical forests dotted with ancient archaeological sites. En route, a stop will be made at Belvedere lookout point for spectacular views and photo opportunities of Rotui, a beautiful mountain separating Cook's Bay and the pristine Opunohu Bay. Next, you will ride along the coastal road to the island's west coast, where you will take in expansive views of lush green vegetation, beautifully manicured gardens, a turquoise blue lagoon, and the Pacific Ocean's endless horizon. Weather permitting, you will see sites that include the famed Magic Mountain, which overlooks the northern part of the island and offers spectacular aerial views of the barrier reef. Highlight of this photo adventure will include visits to off-road locations in the island's interior. You'll also visit the Papetoai fishing village and the interior of the crater.

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Cultural Highlights of Huahine

Cultural Highlights of Huahine Cultural Highlights of Huahine DURATION: 3 HOURS - $90/per person Explore one of the most picturesque and geographically diverse of the Society Islands during this scenic tour of Huahine. Depart the pier for a ride by coach to Fare, Huahine’s main village. Enjoy a leisurely guided stroll around the village, then visit a vanilla plantation, where you will observe the process of drying vanilla and learn different ways to cook with this ubiquitous spice. Then, proceed to Maeva, one of Polynesia’s most importantarchaeological sites. Upon arrival, you will discover some well-preservedmarae, or ancient Polynesian temples. You will also see fish traps thatwere built centuries ago and are still in use today. Your next visit will beto Faie, home of the famous blue-eyed eels that populate a streamrunning through the village. You will even watch as your guide feeds these enormous eels. Your tour concludes with a stop at Huahine’s Belvedere Point forspectacular views and photo opportunities. Then, reboard your coach for the return ride to the pier. Please note: If you wish to purchase vanilla during your tour, please bring U.S. dollars or French Pacific francs, as these are the onlycurrencies that will be accepted.

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Helicopter Flightseeing - Bora Bora & Tupai (30 minutes)

Helicopter Flightseeing - Bora Bora & Tupai (30 minutes) DURATION: 1 HOUR - $250/per person Experience Bora Bora's exquisite topography from a unique perspective during this picturesque flightseeing tour via helicopter. Depart the pier for the brief transfer to the helipad. After boarding your helicopter, you will take off for a 30-minute flightseeingtour over Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific. You will then head towardsnorth and enjoy a bird’s eye view over the famous heart-shaped, Tupai.Along the way, you can use the headphones to listen to your pilot's commentary as he points out the sights below. Your bird's-eye view of Bora Bora will include spectacular views and photo opportunities of the world's most beautiful lagoon and reefs, along with manta rays and sharks, and an adventure some call heli-snorkeling. You will then circle Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora's highest peak.

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Moorea - Trails of the Ancients Trek

Trails of the Ancients Trek DURATION: 4 HOURS - $60/per person Don't miss this fun, informative, and interactive visit to a relatively little visited side of Tahiti, as onboard lecturer archaeologist Mark Eddowes leads a unique cultural tour of the upland rain forest of Opunohu valley. Mark Eddowes has worked clearing, mapping, excavating and restoring archaeological sites in the Opunohu valley since the 1980s. He works particularly on the life of the ancient Tahitians in this natural environment, studying their ancient habitation sites, agricultural terrace complexes, stone tool workshops, and ancient temples or marae. The recognized expert on the marae of the Society Islands, Mark will share with you his research results into the history of the temples, the rituals practiced there, and the warrior chiefs associated with them. You will also learn about the uses in ancient times of the floraand tree species of the island for canoe manufacture, medicinal uses, and the sculpture of ti'i (tiki figures) and traditional house manufacture. Also on the itinerary of this tour are the landing site of Captain James Cook in 1777, the Opunohu agricultural school, and Belvedere lookout point. Then, follow shady trails within the forest, between the ancient archaeological sites. Your transport will be on the traditional Le Truck, providing vista views and spectacular scenery along the way.

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Moorea - Waverunner Adventure

Waverunner Adventure DURATION: 2 HOURS - $90/per person Experience Moorea's idyllic coastal beauty in an exciting new way during this fun-filled waverunner adventure. Depart the pier for the boat transfer to the waverunner center. Upon arrival, you will receive your safety and simple operating instructions from your guide, then embark your waverunner and begin your ride. Led by your guide, you will cruise either along the west coast of Moorea or through the spectacular Opunohu Bay or Cook's Bay. Along the way, a stop will be made at Motu Ono for an opportunity to feed elegant and graceful rays as they swim around you in the shallow water. Fresh fruit and beverages will then be served on the motu. Following your visit, you will be transferred to the waverunner center, then back to the pier.

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SCUBA Toopua - Certified Divers

SCUBA Toopua - Certified Divers DURATION: 2 HOURS - $100/per person Experienced divers won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to explore Bora Bora’s extraordinary undersea beauty duringa memorable SCUBA tour. Depart the marina platform for a boat ride to the dive site. Located inside the lagoon at the edge of a submerged crater, this site features an abundance of fish and large coral formations that form anideal habitat for many invertebrates. Upon entering the water, you maybe greeted by inquisitive butterfly fish and angelfish. This site has steepcoral slopes dotted with mushroom-like coral formations, or porites, where tropical fish hide and feed. At 50 feet, you will discover a white sandy valley over which eagle rays fly. While admiring the imbedded Polynesian clams, you may even see a gigantic Javanese moray eel make an appearance. You might also see big trigger fish, clown fish, sea anemones, and octopus. Following your dive, you will be returned to the marina platform.

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Taha'a - Coral Garden Drift Snorkeling

Coral Garden Drift Snorkeling DURATION: 3 HOURS - $120 per person Depart the ship by covered motorized boat for a 15-minute ride alongthe west coast of Taha'a. Upon arrival, you will disembark the boatfor a guided walk across an uninhabited islet, or motu, located just off the coast. After reaching the other side of the motu, you willcommence your snorkeling session. Your guide will lead you as thecurrent carries you through the shallow lagoon on the way back to the boat. The drift can be moderate to strenuous depending on thestrength of the current. The drift is done in a single line with onesnorkeling guide leading the 12 snorkelers spaced 10 feet apart and one snorkeling guide closing up on the group This area aboundswith a spectacular variety of tropical fish and amazing coral. Uponreturning to the boat, refreshments and additional snorkeling time willbe made available before you are transferred back to the Paul Gauguin private Motu Mahana.

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Unique Ideas

Paul Gauguin Cruises Trip Contribution

Together we will experience the exotic luxuries and enchanting island elegance of Paul Gauguin Cruises. Thanks to your thoughtful contribution we will take delight in the comfort of our stateroom, tantalize our palate with an array of dining options, enjoy an evening of entertainment aboard the ship or experience an array of thrilling and adventurous excursions or a soothing spa treatment. Your generous gift will help our dream honeymoon become the ultimate getaway!

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Amazon Gift Registry

Link to Amazon Gift Registry- Copy and past in your browser

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Champagne at Sunset

A bottle of champagne to toast our new lives together. (there are a lot of sunsets:) and a many sunrises too)

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Kids College Fund

Help us plan for the futures of Taylor and Julius.

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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“We love you. May you share many happy memories together.”
- Mark &Claire
“Congrats on your wedding and enjoy your cruise!”
- Di and Colleen
“Congratulations! Have a wonderful time!”
- Austin and Cassie
“Congratulations, wishing you happy life of wedded bliss.”
- Julie and Lisa Ellison
“Congratulations! We wish you Years nf happiness!!!”
- Jen/joe
“Enjoy your honeymoon and Congratulations to you two We love you &10084;&10084;&10084;”
- Jim &Jackie Jones
“Congrats on your wedding! Enjoy the snorkeling and have a safe trip! Much love to the cousins...”
- Heather Edmundson
- Don, Khana, Jimi, Mia
“Have a great time.”
- Dad
“what an amazing trip you'll have. Congrats on the marriage and hope the packer Lion relationship doesnt' come between you both. Toni has been a long enough Lions fan that she knows some things never change so you both will have a great life together”
- mikey
“You are a wonderful couple and we wish you a marriage full of unconditional love and happiness :) Enjoy your awesome honeymoon, we know you'll have a blast!!”
- Alana and Conor Williamson
“May all your days from this day forward be filled with loving and learning more about each other. Love what you learn. And live life to the fullest, together forever.”
- Love, the LC
“Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love.”
- Vicki and Stephen
“Congrats!!! We are so happy for you! Enjoy the honeymoon! Love,”
- Luke &Karynne
“Much love and only best wishes for you two amazing women! Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful big day. We love you very much! Cheers to this day and many more for you as wife and wife.”
- Susie, Chris &Dawson
Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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