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Mike and I met on Match in April 2013. Our first date went great! We discovered our shared love for animals and Disney. We went on a date every night after that and our relationship grew into something amazing. On September 3, 2013 Mike proposed while we were camping up at Lake Umbagog. It was an amazing moment that I'm sure I will never forget. And so the wedding planning began....

Maid of honor: Jennifer Weatherbee

Best Man: Patrick Bowling

The Girls: Katie Reid                          The Men: Ray Gendreau

               Laura Roehm                                     Michel Almeida

               Meghan Foley                                    Scotty South

               Rachel Holt                                        Josh Cappi

               Karen Rosales                                    Connor Shea

Isaac Frye Highway

Wilton, NH 03068

We are getting married at a beautiful old carriage house. The ceremony will be outside pending the weather. The reception will follow inside the carriage house.

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